Happy Birthday America! Happy July!!

Well this is a little late, but better late than never! On our way to drive to see the fireworks the firework specialists I supposed decided not to wait for us to arrive to the park!! How rude! So we just stopped on a bridge along with a bunch of others and enjoyed our view of the downtown Houston Firework Show!! Its been quite a year so far! Happy Birthday America!

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-Andrew Poster


Galveston Visit

So on friday I got to head over to Galveston Texas and score some waves for the first time in 6 months!!! The waves were 2-3foot with offshore wind and I was stoked!!! Now hear me out… a little over a year ago you couldn’t find me away from the ocean for longer than 1 month at the most, but sometimes in life you are asked to sacrifice something you love for something that you love and need more. Thats pretty much what happened with surfing. Its not that surfing was a hinderance to my life, but if one year ago I had continued on my path of surfing worship I would have never been able to be with my lovely and amazing girlfriend! anddd Do you know what happens when you do get back on the saddle(my texas lingo haha)…the joy that you receive from it is extremely far greater. There was no frustration over the conditions, or the cold temperature… just pure joy and love of life!

Heres some I-phone documentary-

-The Surf Setup
-The Hangout Setup
-Surfers Surfing(and my thumb)
-Me Smiling /Pre Sunburn
Thanks for stopping by. What was something you used to Love that you haven’t done in a while??
-Andrew Poster

The Home Depot, Just one of those places…

Went to Home Depot today for a simple task, make copies of car keys and apartment keys… However, the home depot, is just one of those places, A place that when a man walks into it, he is compelled to make something, build something with his hands… one of the things that men in this world do.

I don’t know what it is about it… perhaps its the smell of fresh lumber, or the power tool isle that just makes me aspire to be like Tim Taylor or Bob Villa, perhaps its just built into our DNA as men.

Anyway, about 40 minutes later I bought all the supplies I’d need to build the best Book/OldSkool Camera/Paperweight Shelves I’d need. No I didnt just get one Shelf, like I said, Tim Taylor style… I got three!

Heres the before pictures… After pictures to follow in a day or two.